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A Super WoW Warrior Macro for Tanks

Tanking is certainly a difficult job in World of Warcraft. And it's even more difficult for warriors, compared to paladins and death knights, because you have a little bit less AoE control. There is a good WoW warrior macro however, that will be a great...

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The Best WoW Macros for Paladins

Sadly, the paladins were nerfed quite a bit after the release of Cataclysm. However, if you use the optimal key binding and WoW paladin macros, you can still turn your paladin into a killer machine on the retribution spec, or into a supreme healing power...

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Where To Farm Embersilk in Cataclysm

Blizzard have made farming embersilk cloth a real pain. There was a wonderful spot in Deepholm that they soon nerfed and since the prices have started to skyrocket on the auction house again. I'm going to tell you where to farm embersilk the most effective...

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